Iran show - July 14-29, 2005


Abyaneh, Iran. A young woman offers hand crafted goods for sale from her home in Abyaneh, Iran. A Zoroastrian woman opens the door of the only store in  Abyaneh, Iran. Merchant in the bird market of the Bazar Bozorg takes morning tea. Esfahan, Iran. Passageway in the Bazar Bozorg. Esfahan, Iran. Shoe repairer in the Bazar Bozorg. Esfahan, Iran Shop-keeper in the Bazar Bozorg. Esfahan, Iran. Fortune telling birds near the Sai-O-Seh Bridge in Esfahan, Iran. Two men and a boy warm themselves by a fire in the Bazar Bozorg. Esfahan, Iran. Passageways adjacent to the Jameh Mosque in Yazd, Iran. Children with their free bowls of abgusht during Ashura ceremonies in Bushehr, Iran. Early morning near the Persian Gulf waterfront in Bushehr, Iran. Movie extras wait in a bus near the Khaju Bridge in Esfahan, Iran Girls dressed for an unknown special occasion at the Imam Khomeini Square in Esfahan, Iran. Emam Mosque,  Esfahan, Iran. The Jameh Mosque in Esfahan, Iran. Three lizards on an ancient Fire Temple wall in Shapur, Iran. Men watch Ashura ceremonies at a small mosque in Bushehr, Iran. Park-e-Sa I in Tehran. Shiraz bus station. Iran. Touching Hafez' Tomb in Shiraz, Iran. Afternoon prayers at the Imam Mosque in Esfahan, Iran Imam mosque in Esfahan, Iran. Women waiting for a bus in Esfahan, Iran. Women look out on the Zayandeh River in Esfahan, Iran. Waiting for a taxi in Esfahan